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jaa , zij had wat op mn arm geschreven, en daar moet ik foto van maken hahah. vcs são um máximo, amo o site de vocês, amo o social media, vcs fazem um trabalho perfeito... obrigada por nos deixar informados :) Philly!! Listen up. is dog hoodies performing at Johnny Brenda's on 1/19. Gonna be a GREAT show! Tkts here: la foto de selenagomez vía What a wonderful way to end my loveing night. Ppl twitpic the most pointless . Hope the show in Sheffield goes well tonight and ;) you were amazing in Ma

holaaaaaaaa...siii estooy super nerviosaluv that happened once in the meeting, I was also pretending to do Thai chi.. My show hit the ceiling.. It was a bad moment.. Feels like I'm locked up in here. I just got word that it's snowing outside. Could be true but I wouldn't know -__- SignsThatILoveYou i prayy tuu God thaat we'll see dog hoodies eacch otherr agaiin Opa JA CHEGUEEEEEEI POVINHO hehe sou rapida sai rapidinho do e ja to aqui :) who 'fist pumps' better: Tiger Woods or the cast of Jersey